There are multiple purposes for this blog. First, I'd like to share with you how mental illness can interfere with or enhance the writer's life. Second, I want to explore a more disciplined approach to the writing life. This blog will hold me accountable as I navigate story throughout my battle with mental illness.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What to do before, during and after a Write-In

Yesterday I participated in a 10K "write-in" at Milli Thornton's Fear of Writing Blog. Every Wednesday and Saturday around the third week of every month, she challenges us to work towards a goal of 10K words. The goal is to challenge yourself and to have fun doing it. So far, I've had a positive experience with the way it is organized. I'm not too pleased with all the procrastinating I did, but I managed to write more yesterday than I have the past two weeks. And to the best of my knowledge, anyone is welcome to participate. Just fill in your name (first name is fine) and an email to post comments on how you're doing throughout the day.

What to do before a write-in:

- do research on your WIP one week to two days before the day of the write-in
- prepare quick meals and have them ready to go the day before the write-in
- plan what types of writing you will do (fiction, essay, blog entry, poetry, etc.)
  and make short goals
- get a good night's sleep

What to do during a write-in:

- start out by doing some relaxation techniques, maybe even a little yoga
- eat a well balanced meal and have small snacks available throughout the write-in
- take frequent breaks to stretch your muscles (at least every two hours)
- keep distractions to a minimum (if you have to network online then designate
  certain times to do so, and keep to it)
- stay hydrated

What to do after a write-in:

- realize that nobody is perfect and often times it can be a struggle to
  reach our goals
- analyze the prep work and the write-in itself and determine where you
  could have done better to get closer to your goal
- be good to yourself; you've probably done more work during the write-in than
  you would have otherwise. And at the most fundamental level, that was the goal
- prepare for the next write-in; now go get 'em!

These are just a few of the many things one can do before, during, and after a write-in. Good Luck!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Objectives and Confession

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will continue to follow me in my course of pursuing a Writer's Life while at the same time battling mental illness. This won't be a twitter or facebook type of posting. I hope to post  meaningful, relevant information that can help those of both camps: The aspiring author, those with mental illnesses, and those who are both.

Those whose lives are not affected by mental illness will hopefully find compassion and understanding in those who do, as well as possibly learning a thing or two about the writing process from the little I do know and what I am learning as I go. Those who do suffer from a mental illness, I wish to impart to them how writing can assist with the healing process. A cathartic process that can apply to anybody in any situation. One that I am embarking on currently.

I confess that although I've read a lot of fiction and many books on the art and craft of writing, I am in no way an expert. However, my goal is to live a Writer's Life, and the invitation is open to join me as I learn and grow.