There are multiple purposes for this blog. First, I'd like to share with you how mental illness can interfere with or enhance the writer's life. Second, I want to explore a more disciplined approach to the writing life. This blog will hold me accountable as I navigate story throughout my battle with mental illness.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Writing Nook

Welcome to my little writing nook. It’s not my ideal space, but then I haven’t had a permanent place of my own for about a year and a half. I’ve been here at this efficiency apartment for about two months now. I still need to organize a bit more; I feel almost claustrophobic. I’m going to start writing at one of the local coffee shops, the library, and even the park, once this rain finally passes over.

Feel free to leave a pic of your writing space if you’d like, or better yet, perhaps use it as a post for the blogathon.


  1. It's always interesting to see the set-up other writers have, and I share your challenge of working with a small space. I'd post a pic of my "office," but I'm pretty unconventional in that I prefer to work without a desk, so there's not much to show!

  2. I used to work on my kitchen table, but I don't have room for it in my efficiency apartment. It is interesting seeing where other writer's work. It seems almost sacred.

  3. Hi, Mark. I was happy to see your topic on the blogathon "blog roll". Interested to learn about your journey.

  4. Thanks Lisa. Come back and visit.