There are multiple purposes for this blog. First, I'd like to share with you how mental illness can interfere with or enhance the writer's life. Second, I want to explore a more disciplined approach to the writing life. This blog will hold me accountable as I navigate story throughout my battle with mental illness.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Places to Write

Today's post will coincide with another Blogathon theme day which is "What are your top 5 places to write?".

Given my current situation an location there are not many options of places to write. I live in an efficiency apartment so when I write at home (which is my favorite place) everything is cluttered around me, which is not very conductive.

So, if I could get out everyday, my top 5 places to write would be:

1. Home office (everything is here; physical storyboards, notes, pens, desk, etc.)

2. Any one of a number of public libraries (only one in my town)

3. Local coffee shop (we have one)

4. Bookstore/coffee shop such as Barnes & Noble (nearest one is about 23 miles away)

5. Any aesthetic local park 


  1. This is my haiku
    You live in a small town, no?
    No book stores are there?

    Sorry, I wanted to go along with the haiku them, yet provide a comment (very small town!)

  2. Lol, Susan. That was great! The nearest is is about 25 miles away. I may start going once a week, though.

  3. Chartiers Cemetery
    801 Noblestown Road Carnegie, PA 15106
    Wonderful place to think, read, write.
    It's absolutely beautiful, a lot of trees, old and interesting tomb stone(art & history) and quiet.

    The one drawback: no bathroom so need to go easy on the coffee.

  4. Thanks, Patty. I've thought about going to a cemetery before. Live to honor those who have lived.